Patrick McCormack
We all have a past - a history crossing tens of thousands of years. Within the study of history we find greatness, truths, mysteries, astonishments, scientific improbabilities, disbeliefs, and much more.
Information Enterprises
These sessions bring a love of history, unhindered by fantasies and unsmudged by falsehoods, to the forefront.

Sadly, most renditions of history do not provide the whole story and sometimes not even the true story. Even when it is written in stone, such as the Maya stela, history has been altered or destroyed.

Winston Churchill, amongst others, has been quoted: "History is written by the victors."

Finally, the are the great mysteries with many theories but no definitive answers.

I endeavor to bring you history that can and should be questioned. History is not stagnant. It is affected by facts and interpretations, which can change daily. A new and better understanding can change history and the rippling effects of its impact. Please, review the topics. Even though their length has been geared to a cruise ship's schedule, they play well on solid earth as well as the sea.

Thank you.
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