Patrick McCormack
We all have a past - a history crossing thousands of years. Within the study of history we find greatness, truths, mysteries, astonishments, scientific improbabilities, disbeliefs, and much more.
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The histories of the Americas are spoken of softly and are often difficult to hear above the roar of the great stories told of Europe and Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It has been so since the “discovery of the New World” in the 15th century. But, it is about the Americas Patrick McCormack speaks to us.
The civilizations of the Olmec, Inca, Maya and Aztec are clear matches for the grandness and exotic mysteries found in “the old world”. The knowledge base of the life and accomplishments of the Americas’ peoples is growing steadily, adding volume to the conversation of our pre-Columbian peoples.

Review the topics where Patrick’s focus is on the histories of these peoples: Who were they? From where did they come? How did their civilizations grow? These histories are not written in stone, remaining fluid, twisting and turning as each new fact is discovered and a better understanding is achieved. By studying these histories it is possible to enrich ourselves, to grow in knowledge and strive for a comprehensive understanding that, quite frankly, may never be reached. But the study is almost an end unto itself.
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